UG Mining Tech has been created to allow underground miners & mining professionals an online focal point for the latest in technology. It will include releases of new products, Q+A sessions with the industries technology developers and ideas for adding value to your mining project.

The website is curated and maintained by me, Jake Harris, a Mining Surveyor and technology advocate based in Perth, Western Australia. I started my career in 2005 as a survey assistant in the UK and worked throughout the UK and Ireland on a range of civil projects. In 2012, I moved with just a backpack full of bits to Kalgoorlie for an Open Cut Mine Survey role.

The company I worked for had both Underground and Open Cut operations, so in late 2015 I migrated to the underground! Following several stints of contracting and visiting over 10 different underground mine sites I have been exposed to multiple different underground mining techniques and work flows. This coupled with a short role in survey sales, mainly to the underground and mining market, has opened my eyes up to new technology emerging in the underground mining space.

Through curating this website I will provide a web resource for those interested in new technology and positive change in the underground mining arena. I will continue to grow my knowledge of emerging technology & to add value to those working around me in the industry.

If you have any questions about the products, ideas covered on this site or are considering getting into the mining industry please get in touch with me here.

Founded in 2020.