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Deswik’s new front-line focused apps

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This week the who’s who of Australian mine surveying will be heading to the annual Australian Institute of Mine Surveyors (AIMS) conference in the Gold Coast, QLD. So, it is only fitting that this week’s article covers a product that was developed by a software savvy mine surveyor.

Jo Martyr has not only created a successful range of underground focused apps, but she has also now joined forces with leading mining software provider, Deswik, to deliver several new field-based tablet applications. This will see her user-friendly apps bolted on to the Deswik platform as user focused modules that can be used both offline and online.

The Deswik suite is now the industry leading underground mine design, scheduling and development package which was acquired by Sandvik last year.

The Deswik Apps range deliver visibility both in the office and in the field Source: Deswik

This delivers super useful information to underground miners at the face and also starts the process of data sharing from the front line directly back into the Deswik package via a series of smart feedback loops.

There are currently four different applications that can intermesh within an underground operator’s tablet or phone that interconnect and work symbiotically to deliver increased visibility and information at the face.


This app encapsulates all the information that every modern underground survey team needs where they need it, enabling them to be both more proactive and productive. Interconnecting both the visuals and the data of the outputs with customisation allows for flow-on benefits. These include heading tracking, in-field digitalisation and the ability to interrogate a simplified 2D digital map whilst underground.

Paper plans can be a thing of the past – with signed PDFs uploaded for repeated use down the hole. Source: Deswik

With automatic merging in ground support standards, the paperless survey plan allows supervisors, operators, and technical services teams the ability to understand the current advancement of critical locations in one easy interface without having to continually reference bundles of plans that quickly lose their relevance.

Deswik.Drilling App

Jumbo operators can then utilise the paperless plans, digital map, along with integrated mark-up tools for development cuts in the Operator Toolbox. This facilitates speed and accuracy for jumbo operators at the face when marking up.

The Operator Tools allows jumbo development assistance at the face. Source: Deswik

The toolbox allows for the easy calculation of straight, angled, curved, and drives with fillets. Thus, reducing overbreak and incorrect mining, as structured assistance is given to the jumbo operator depending on what kind of cut, they are tasked with mining.

The Drilling app also links back to the survey data and gives operators and supervisors the ability to view signed .pdf files at the face. This reduces the paper trail and requirement to try and bore a cut from a soggy, ripped and care-worn plan!

Deswik.OPS Operator App

The Operator App, Deswik’s solution to the digital plod, is the advanced module that can link workers directly into the schedule, allowing for fleet and task management in modern interconnected mines. This dials directly into Deswik.OPS, allowing for near real time short interval control of high priority tasks and machines.

This system allows improved visibility of machines, their operators and their performance as the shift plays out. The feedback loop allows operators at the face to see progress not just of their tasks but the shift as a whole. The shift’s progress can easily be measured against and adjusted to update the daily, weekly and monthly plans.

Deswik.SmartMap App

Anyone on site can utilise SmartMap to highlight map markers with pictures and instructions to a working 2D model of the mine. This streamlines information capture for inspections, hazards or tasks, allowing for instant and precise communication.

An example of a task being set on the interactive map on Deswik.SmartMap Source:Deswik

This app again leverages a simplified mining model and the ability to assign priority to tasks. This allows miners to work through a task list quickly and easily during the shift, whilst having the ability to view pictures and information pinned at the exact location. This reduces miscommunication and allows for safety issues in the area to be clearly highlighted.

If interconnected, a shift supervisor can add tasks and shift priorities as the day plays out, without busying the radio or having to visit workers repeatedly to change the plan. This is a great solution for service crew tasks.


It has been amazing to see the growth and delivery of very focused tools for underground workers from Jo and her team. Now following her merger into the Deswik fold it is a simple to use, yet valuable field-based extension of the CAD package.

The Fleet Management and Short Interval Control space is a busy one, with many options available on market, from various vendors. However, this clever fully integrated play from Deswik has just disrupted the market by delivering not only technical oversight but also leveraging on operator focused tools.


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