GroundHog Apps – Short Interval Control & Fleet Management for Mining

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The noise around short interval control and smart data flows from underground mining fronts continues to grow. Australian projects are flirting with vendors who can offer systems and solutions for their fleet and personnel to feedback data in near real time. This allows improved decision making on the fly and as a result, a smoother production profile.

One business that has delivered a fully integrated solution to underground and surface miners alike is GroundHog Apps. They have developed a long list of prominent users in the Americas and are now looking to meet the growing demand Down Under.

The GroundHog offering is a holistic package of software options for data hungry miners!

GroundHog have an expanding portfolio of customers across the global mining houses, who use their user friendly software solutions across their operations

Their Short Interval Control (SIC) module delivers full shift planning, streamlining of mid shift information and real time monitoring of personnel. This maximises transparency at the mining front and helps to deliver compliance to the proposed schedule.

The GroundHog platform’s SIC module can also be used to generate shift schedules up to a month in advance! This daily schedule (think digital shift sheet) can then link operators, mine control and supervisors as the days work is carried out. Allowing for priorities to be viewed, as well completed tasks to be ticked off and monitored during the shift.

Further to the ability to assist with allocation of manpower, the Underground Fleet Management System (FMS) seamlessly assists with monitoring both fixed and mobile plant. Delivering consistent and traceable feedback from across a project’s assets – assisting in increasing utilisation and minimising downtime.

The Peer-to-Peer data transfer from tablet/mobile device will allow data to be transferred to and from the face during the natural cadence of the day’s operations. With many projects now utilising underground wifi networks, data transfer can easily be achieved from the frontline to the office. For smaller mines, a series of central wifi hubs can be used within busy areas so that data can be periodically sent to the main database.

Operators can seamlessly input data at the face and feed back to managers, supervisors and control rooms.

The ability to seamlessly integrate with the likes of all major mine planning software packages (Deswik, Vulcan, acQuire and more) plus various PowerBI driven applications allows for fast integration and deployment across the globes mining projects. Coupled with successful remote roll out to multiple projects during the COVID era means that uptake should be smooth and deliver instant returns!

For those exploring their options or scratching the surface of wanting to bring their operation into the digital age, GroundHog Apps and their broad industry specific range of applications are well worth a look.

For further info please contact Satish Penmetsa who will be available to set up an online demo at GroundHog is also looking for partners to expand their Australian operations.

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