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Online University Course for Mining Professionals – “The Foundations of Modern Mining”

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University level study when already working in an industry is hard, but for those working on a FIFO roster it can be near impossible! I have first-hand experience of this, having tried to further my survey study for Western Australian Grade 1 Authorisation! The difficulty comes with trying to balance work, family life and study and give them the time they deserve.

It is fantastic to then see a collaboration between Curtin University and The University of Queensland, to develop a new Professional Certificate Program that has been tailored toward those already in industry! It delivers ´The Foundations of Modern Mining” via six online courses which can be completed remotely.

Associate Professor, Chris Rawson, Dean of Learning and Teaching for Curtin’s Faculty of Science and Engineering, said the new Program will help learners up-skill within their current industry role and improve their understanding of the minerals and mining sector. 

“The mining industry within Australia is constantly evolving and it is important to keep track of emerging technologies and modern techniques that are being used by mining companies and affiliated professions,”

Chris Rawson, Dean of Learning and Teaching for Curtin’s Faculty of Science and Engineering

I will be exploring this pathway to further study, as I am keen to learn more about new mining techniques and technologies. The course, when completed, does allow instant access to post graduate courses at either institution. This easily accessible pathway could be a good starting point for someone flirting with the idea of career in mining, or those who work in the vendor supply space who want to get a competitive edge. This could also be a positive advance in education provision for those on dirt/diesel crew that are looking possibly move into more technical mining roles.

Today I saw news that KCGM (Kalgoorlie Super Pit) has cut two fresh new underground portals within the pit (April 2021). With the continued pressure on skilled workforce within the Australian mining sector, it is great to final see industry and education providers trying to create easier study routes for mining professionals. I will let you know how I go once I explore this further for myself!

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