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Australian Conference : AusIMM Underground Operators Conference (15-17th March 2021)

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The Underground Operators Conference 2021 comes up in conversation with everyone I converse with in the Australian underground mining industry at the moment! It is curated annually by the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (AusIMM), being held again this year in Perth, WA. The event is just one month away, and with no COVID cases in the community should continue in a face to face format.

I have actually never heard of the conference before being asked by numerous connections if I was attending this year. That said, it would appear to be one of the largest congregations of both underground mining operators and vendors in Australia.  

There will be several vendors that I have already covered on this website, along with many more that will no doubt be featured in time. It will be a great showcase of what new technology and ideas are out there for underground operations to utilise and help improve efficiencies.   

With travel across the nation jolting on and off, let’s hope that all of our colleagues from the Eastern states have a free pass into Perth to network with those attending. There are several workshops, presentations & networking sessions to attend over the 3 day event. With a large focus on underground mining currently in WA from gold and nickel miners – it should be very well attended by industry professionals.

Source: AusIMM

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