WA’s second lock down and the potential impact on remote & FIFO workers

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This week I had planned to post about the up-and-coming AUSIMM Underground Operators Conference which is due to be held here in Perth in March. However, it seems ill placed with the news over the weekend that Western Australia is entering its second round of lock downs due to a local CV-19 transmission.

As an underground worker and FIFO employee of a regional Western Australian business this has caused much unrest in my household. There are multiple unanswered questions for myself and my family of what the future roadmap looks like. That said we are a fairly relaxed household, and we will do our part to help the wider community.

It is fair to say though that these huge governmental interventions of the way we lead our lives, both in the city and on site, can cause much angst. Chatting today with my supervisor (who is up on site) there is clearly huge disruption being caused to mining businesses across the state. The flow of life and its many cycles being disrupted for so many.

In Western Australia we have been so fortunate over the past nine months with life continuing much the same as normal (all be it with more automatic hand sanitiser stations). Meanwhile the vast majority of the world has stopped and started as it has tried to come to terms with the spreading virus from nation to nation.

Globally cities, families and individuals have all wobbled under the change in rhythm of life. It is important to remember that this turbulence is normal under exceptional circumstances. The anxiety, the isolation and the fear of the unknown which is now being felt across WA and its large transitory mining community is to be expected. 

To all the mining families, businesses and service providers in WA remember to go easy on one another and check in with those who may be struggling in your network.

It’s OK and normal to feel unsettled about a future that could be turbulent for some time to come.

Please feel free to reach out if you are struggling or just want to let off some steam:

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